Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grandma Cook Visits

Grandma Cook came for a visit and the week went by too fast, as usual! Grandma Cook stayed busy playing with Larkin, singing to her, and generously cooking up all sorts of great meals for us. She made enough for us to freeze several meals...thanks, Mom!

While we thoroughly enjoyed Grandma Cook's home cooking, we also went out several times, of course. Here are a few pictures of Larkin and Grandma at Cracker Barrel, one of our favorite breakfast spots. Larkin had fun entertaining the tables around us, by flashing them her cute gummy smile and kicking up her feet and rest them on the table!

A special memory for me from this visit was when Grandma Cook sang to Larkin each day. She'd sing Larkin her "Good Morning" song when Larkin awakened, and then would put Larkin to sleep by singing her "I Love You" lullaby that she wrote when Dana and I were kids. It was the last song she'd sing to us before putting us to bed, and if we weren't already asleep, that song would do the trick. I love that song and I really loved hearing Grandma Cook sing it to Larkin as they cuddled. Here they are cuddling together and getting as warm as a heater!

Larkin loves faces... and she really loves to grab at them! She'll grab at noses (like she's doing to Grandpa Hittle in the pic below), mouths, glasses, chins, you name it. With Grandma Cook, she even decided that it would be fun to teeth on her chin! She really bites down!

One morning, while we were preparing breakfast, Grandma Cook invented a fun, new game that Larkin loves... we called it the "Grandma Train"! We attached one of Sera's leashes to Larkin's walker and Grandma pulled her around and around our kitchen island while she said, "Toot, toot!" At first, Larkin wasn't sure what to expect, so she held on tight! Then, after about 20 trips around the island, she relaxed and enjoyed looking at everything around the kitchen. She especially loved being able to look inside the pantry at all of our food as they'd pass it by. They both had great fun doing this and they ended up doing it for 15-20 minutes non-stop!

Here's a pic of Larkin after breakfast and the Grandma Train. What a multi-tasker she is... she's doing gymnastics while eating a napkin!

These pictures below do a good job at summing up Grandma Cook's visit... Larkin and Grandma Cook really love each other!

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The Bucklers said...

What sweet pictures! And give that baby girl credit ~ she isn't biting, those are precious (if not painful!) kisses she is sharing with y'all!! :) Thanks for the updates!! Hope y'all are well!