Sunday, January 11, 2009

Larkin's First Word "Hi"

Larkin was soaking up all of the attention. In addition to Mommy and Daddy, Larkin also had Grandma Cook (who's in town visiting), Grandma Hittle and Grandpa Hittle sitting around her and watching her rip up some paper (one of her current favorite activities). I had just gone around the room with the video camera introducing everyone and having them say hi, when Larkin decided that it was her turn. Larkin said "hi"!

Now, we know it was completely unintentional, but we still consider it her first semi-official word. :) Since she was really just exhaling, it sounds more like "hiiiiiii", but it's still so adorable. Make sure that your sound is turned up high because she has a soft voice. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did.

1 comment:

Nan M Gough said...

Wonderful! She said it so clearly! Thanks for all the great updates. Miss you all!

Love, Nan