Monday, June 2, 2008

Sponge Bath

We learned how to give Larkin a sponge bath in the hospital, but that didn't keep our first attempt at home from being a bit comedic. (As you can see in the pictures, I'm nearly as wet as she is by the end of it)!

We started Larkin off with a little bit of "naked time" and were thrilled to see her roll from her back to her side, all on her own! She didn't like the sponge bath part too much and let out a few notable cries. But, interestingly enough, she was completely calmed when I washed her hair under the faucet. She loved that part! She also appears to like it when I comb her hair... that's my girl!


Nan M Gough said...

Wow, she looks so much bigger in these photos than she did in the hospital photos! Way to grow Larkin! She is a beautiful baby! Good luck with all the new experiences...We look forward to reading all about them!

Anonymous said...

Karen & Brian -
I am late in posting, but a huge congratulations on Larkin's arrival!! She's a beautiful little girl. We would love to see you and meet Larkin in person sometime. Best wishes,

The Saunders Family (Molly, Dave, Lydia)