Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Tummy Time

Here are a couple of pictures of Larkin during her first official "tummy time"! Larkin seemed to be content enough on her tummy... she "read" her book, turned her head from left to right and back, and actually ended up sleeping through part of it.

Larkin is laying on a blanket that Brian's sister, Jenny, made for her. We taught Sera that she's not allowed on Larkin's blankets, so you can see her showing restraint as she watches Larkin's tummy time on the blanket. Sera has been such a fantastic big sister!

The day after these pictures were taken, we did some more tummy time with Larkin and she actually squirmed/wriggled her way up the blanket by pushing herself with her legs! Brian actually caught it on video - we were all so impressed as she grunted and pushed herself forward a whole foot! Not bad for 2 weeks 2 days old!

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