Saturday, June 21, 2008

Due Date Party!

Today, June 21st, was our official due date... so we decided to have a Due Date Party! The day started out with a great visit from our NYC friends Dan and Dorit. They brought Larkin an adorable watermelon dress, onesie and blanket set from Gymboree, which Larkin is modeling in the picture of her and Dorit. They also brought us a variety of sweet desserts, which was perfect for Larkin's party. Thanks for the gifts and for visiting, Dan and Dorit!

Later that evening, Grandma Cook, Brian and I put a candle in the desserts and had a little party. Larkin wore her "coming home" outfit again and got to sport a festive "Happy Birthday" hat which she didn't mind all that much, to our delight!


Nan M Gough said...

Happy Due Date Sweetie! You look like you're doing fine despite making your grand entrance a bit early! Look forward to many more updates!

Love, Nan

The Bucklers said...

What a cute idea! I am happy to hear that y'all are doing well ~ and beginning to get a little bit of sleep. :) She is already getting so big....