Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Tornado

At 2 weeks 2 days old, Larkin survived her first tornado! A flock of seven or so neighborhood girls were over visiting Larkin (she is a very popular topic in the "tween" girl neighborhood circles here), when the clouds started to build and the sky started to turn green. Knowing that a big storm was heading our way, we heard various neighbor mothers calling out for their daughters to come home. The girls left and shortly thereafter, just minutes before we were to sit down for dinner, the storm head was upon us and the tornado sirens went off. (Our communities have actual sirens that go off whenever a tornado warning has been issued. Tornado warnings mean that a tornado has been spotted and confirmed to be within a storm cell). We hurried down into the basement and waited it out. The tornados missed our neighborhood, but one did touch down only about 3 miles away and it hit a transformer, knocking out our power. We were without power for several hours, but it came back on just in time for our midnight feeding - how convenient! Above is a picture from our back patio.

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