Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goddard Luau Prom

After having fun at the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, Larkin changed outfits into her Hawaiian luau dress so she could go to her Goddard School Prom. Larkin had a lot of fun and while she didn't dance a ton, she did have fun running around with her friends. She also enjoyed running around with the balloon decorations (as you can see in the video). And, surprisingly (or perhaps not-so-surprisingly), preschool proms aren't all that different from high school proms!

There was a professional photographer there and we got a few pictures of Larkin with her good friends. These are the "lifers" from Goddard... they've all been in the same class together since they were about 6 months old. Now they're 3. Wow, time flies! Aren't these the cutest pictures ever? Left to right is Hailey Granger, Ella Rousselot, Carter Carpani, and Larkin of course. I was pretty impressed that the photographer was able to get the kids to pose for the "See No Evil..." picture. Hilarious. We even snuck in one of just Brian and me too. :)

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