Saturday, September 25, 2010

Deanna Rose Farm Fall Fun

There's always something new to try and enjoy at one of our favorite family summer spots... Deanna Rose Farm. Farmer Brian and Farmer Larkin enjoyed checking in on the Holsteins and getting to pose for a cut-out pic. We then took a horse-drawn hay ride which is one of my favorite things to do there. It's $3/person and well worth it, I think. Larkin and I had done the ride before, but this was Brian's first time - so he was a little surprised when they sped up at the end of the ride for fun!

This trip was all about the "cut-out" pics. There's a garden near the hay ride area that has little bugs and butterflies with face cut-outs for the kids to pose in. How adorable is caterpillar Larkin and butterfly Larkin?! Some strangers took her picture because they thought she was so cute giving them a big smile in the butterfly cut-out.

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