Sunday, September 5, 2010

Serafina's Favorite Place on Earth

Here are a few picture perfect poses of my sweet Serafina in Gaston's. As you've heard me say before, Gaston's is her favorite place on earth. She just loves it there. You're such a part of nature, it's beautiful, serene, there are wild animals abound that she loves chasing, and there are just so many things that excite a dog's senses. Sera's biggest adventures this trip centered around chasing a semi-wild (yes, I call it semi-wild it's fed/kept by the resort but let free to fly around) peacock! He would sun himself in all sorts of places and if Sera saw him she was off after him. She's fast, but he can fly and invariably he'd wind up hanging out in a tree for awhile until we left. Good fun for all, since no one was hurt (Sera wouldn't have hurt him though, just probably licked him)! Anyway, I love to take beautiful photo shoots of my pups in Gaston's, it's just so picturesque. So enjoy!

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