Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Singing in the Rain, Karen's 34th B-day

We're singing in the rain,
Just singing in the rain.
What a glorious feeling,
I'm happy again.

I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain.
I'm singing
and dancing in the rain!

That's the modified version of Gene Kelly's song "Singing in the Rain" that I sang to Larkin as we sang, danced in our rain boots and twirled her princess umbrella in the rain. I don't often go stand in the rain (and it was raining fairly hard at one point), but she and I were waiting for Brian to come home and so I figured, why not? Wet clothes, but no harm done (since there wasn't lightening). And we had a blast! I took most of the pictures myself, but the very first photo is of us girls once Brian got home, and you can see that she was pretty drenched by then (I took cover occasionally in the garage while she twirled with her umbrella solo). What a fun memory!

Today is also my 34th birthday - so, happy birthday to me! With all of the family birthdays that we celebrated back in May, Larkin has gotten very good at singing the Birthday song, so I was blessed with multiple renditions of it. We celebrated at home with Brian's parents. Brian made me his amazing homemade lasagna and we topped it off with a delicious chocolate-chocolate mini-cake! I've had several people say "really, you're 34?" which on the one hand is nice because it means they don't think I look 34, but on the other reminds me that 34 is actually kind of "old"! Ah, well, either way it doesn't really matter to me... I look forward to growing old gracefully with my loving friends and family, whom I love so much.

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