Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goddard Tiger Room in June

Grrrrr... here come the Tigers! Here are a few pictures of Larkin at school... she's currently a "Tiger" at the Goddard School. They do all sorts of activities and I thought you'd like to see what sorts of things Larkin is up to during a typical day. They had a dog visit class one day and you'll see Larkin in the upper right of the frame. She isn't the least bit shy around dogs, not with her "puppy" Sera at home!

During the summer, every Wednesday is called "Water Wednesday". During the kids' morning outside time, they get to play in the water... whether it be a water table, a sprinkler, etc. In the first pic below, that's Larkin in the middle of the picture in the pink bathing suit. If you look beyond the white fence around their playground, you'll see another fence just up that short hill. Beyond that fence is a horse ranch and very often the horses will come over to their fence and look over at the kids playing outside. The kids love to see the "neigh neighs", as Larkin affectionately calls them sometimes. In the last picture, that's Larkin and her boyfriend Carter playing at the water table. Yay for summer!

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