Monday, November 30, 2009

18-mo Doc Visit

Can you believe it... Larkin is already 18 months old! We took her to her 18-month well visit, and the doctor said she looked great. As you can see the stats in the chart below...Larkin's weight is now 25 lbs 6 oz (70th percentile), and her head circumference was 19 in (big - still 95th percentile!), but the big news from the visit was her height measurement. The nurse had first laid Larkin flat on the table and measured her that way... and got 33 in. (which is in the 90th percentile). The doctor then asked that she be measured standing up (as he said it's more accurate at this age) and we got a measurement of 31.5 in. (48th percentile). Now, I tend to think the latter measurement is correct, just from knowing Larkin as compared to other kiddos and how her pants fit, but regardless, the doctor is convinced that Larkin is going to be tall! He said that if the longer measurement is correct, he'd estimate that she could be 5 ft. 10-11 in! The shorter measurement might estimate her to be 5 ft. 7 in, but that's a lot taller that my 5 ft. 3.5 in! He said we'll know better when she's 2 years old, but since her soft spot still hasn't completely closed, he's pretty sure she's still got a bunch of growing to do. Maybe she could be a model, a WNBA star, who knows!

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