Monday, November 16, 2009

Art Table and Larkin's Art

We found an awesome new art table for Larkin. It's by Step 2 and as you can see from the pictures, it is like a little art center. It has 2 bins on the center pole that can hold tons of crayons and markers. At the top there are 4 clips to hold Larkin's art too! We love it, but more importantly Larkin loves it. She can draw with complete abandon as the combo of a Magic Eraser, water and a little elbow grease can erase any marks she gets on the table top. And, best of all, the price... it was only $59! Perfect little table and stool set.

One day, our little weight-lifter decided that she needed to do a little furniture rearranging. Bending at the knee like a professional, Larkin heaved up a stool and proceeded to carry it across the room until she found the perfect spot for it directly in the middle of our Great Room. She then went back to get the next stool and followed suit. She ended up with a nearly straight line of stools when she was finished. Pretty impressive from our weight-lifting decorator, eh?

So, what does Larkin have to show for all the fun art time she has, both at home and at school? Well, here are a few pieces of art Larkin has made recently. Some are made with crayon, some are with sponges, others with glued pieces of tissue paper, etc. There is certainly some teacher support of course, but these are Larkin's masterpieces nonetheless. I love them!

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