Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a Penguin!

Larkin is officially a Penguin! Here she is posing for her first day pic as a Penguin at the Goddard School. Doesn't she look excited!

Most of Larkin's friends are a few months older than her, so she was ready to move out of the Infant room and be with them again in the big kid class. The kids range from 12-20 months or so and it's meant for early walkers. This particular class group has more girls than boys... let's see... the girls are Larkin, Ella, Cecilia, Riah, Lila, and Addison and the boys are Carter and Duncan. Larkin's best friends are Ella, a mother hen-type girl who takes care of Larkin, and Duncan, a boy who loves Larkin, but she's not ready to commit to him yet!

We really like the Goddard School philosophy on early learning and Larkin really has fun there. Below you can read more about the Goddard approach to learning and what her daily curriculum is like.

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