Sunday, August 23, 2009

Extreme Mammals at Dan and Dorit's Wedding

We had a blast at the fantastic wedding of our business school friend, Dan, and his fabulous (and gorgeous) wife Dorit! The wedding was out on Long Island, but we took the train out and back so we could spend some time in the city with my family (see previous post) and spend some quality time with our dear friends, Colleen and Mike. We loved every minute of it.

On Saturday night, after a yummy dinner at Sambuca's, Colleen, Mike, Brian and I went for a stroll around the Upper West Side. Here are a couple of pictures of Colleen and I posing in front of the Natural History Museum....check out the sign behind us in the first pic! :)

The wedding was midday on Sunday and it was a beautiful ceremony. Dorit looked amazing and both she and Dan were so cute together. We're so happy that they finally got hitched - they make a great couple. Here's a pic directly after the ceremony (it's a little blurry, but you can get the idea).

The reception started with a cocktail hour and then the dancing and dinner followed. There was so much wonderful food and it kept coming... I don't think I've eating for 4 hours straight like that in a decade! We loved the mini-business school reunion... there were probably 20 of us there! The remainder of the pictures are of us having fun at the reception.

These pictures are me and Brian, Colleen and Mike, and the girls... me, Kathy, and Colleen.

These pictures are of Brian with the groom Dan, and then the boys...Bryan, J.P., Dan, and Brian.

Finally, back to the girls... there's a pic of me with J.P.'s wife Mary (it was so great to meet her - we really hit it off!), me and Chicky (you'd think she was an actress playing a doctor on TV, but she's the real deal... she's probably the most beautiful pediatric dermatologist on the Eastern seaboard), and then me and Col (we are two peas in a pod). It was a great trip!

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