Saturday, August 29, 2009

Deanna Rose Farm

We had a blast this past Saturday taking Larkin to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead for the first time. This place is unbelieveable for young children and we were shocked to find out that it's FREE! The descriptor from the official website sums it up well: "The Farmstead is a 12-acre park that has almost 200 farm animals and birds of prey, vegetable and flower gardens, a one-room schoolhouse, a dairy barn, an old time fishing pond, horse-drawn wagon rides, pony rides, and more." The "more" includes an Indian tee-pee and hut village, a water mining adventure to sift for treasure, a petting zoo where you can feed baby goats, a mini-tractor driving track for kids, as well as several playgrounds. They are currently in the midst of building an old-fashioned life-size Main Street with a period Farm House, a Bank, a General Store, etc. This farmstead is truely a sight to behold. I can't say enough good things about it.

Larkin has heard us make various animals noises for many months now (moo, quack, baaa, maaa, etc), but now she actually got to connect the sound to the real thing! Larkin got to see cows, sheep, goats, swans, rabbits, horses, you name it. The highlight for all of us, though, was when Larkin got to touch a friendly goat. Check out the first video below to see Larkin meet the goat, it's so adorable. Larkin kept calling the goat "doggie" (probably because she's never seen a goat before and the goat was about the same size as our dog, Sera), but the goat didn't seem to mind! What a fantastic day we had together.... We'll definitely go back.

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