Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blue Eyed Beauty

I've noticed that it's kind of hard to see the beautiful blue color of Larkin's eyes in many of the pictures that have been posted. So, I decided to post a couple of pictures where you can really see her eyes. Larkin was born with dark blue eyes. They have since lightened to a stunning blue shade. I originally thought she'd end up with hazel eyes, but we're now thinking that they just might stay blue, taking after both of her grandmothers!


The Bucklers said...

Gotta love those baby blues! :) And what kissable little lips! Daddy, watch out! :) I am enjoying catching up with your blog. I have been so addicted to Facebook lately that I have been slacking on our blog and on checking everyone else's, too. But you have some great pictures on here! I meant to comment earlier (and forgot, I guess?) about your AJP "smiles" note ~ great research and so facinating!

Yes, we are going to reunion and are so excited!! I cant wait! I wish yall were coming ~ if you do decide to come, definitely let me know!

Nan M Gough said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful! She is getting so, the time certainly flies by!