Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Time on Playmat

Here are a few pictures of Larkin on her playmat for the first real time. We've been doing "tummy time" for quite a while now, but mostly on blankets or in her crib. I tried putting her on this playmat a few weeks ago and she didn't like it then. I think the toys hanging down scared her or something. But, today, we started out with tummy time and then ended with some time on her back and she really liked it! Now that she's a little older, she enjoyed looking at the hanging toys, especially the rainbow.

Larkin is funny during her tummy times... after practicing turning her big head back and forth a few times, she then wants to scoot. She wants us to brace the bottom of her feet so she can push against them and push herself forward. She gets frustrated that she can't do it on her own and will cry for you to help her! I think she's going to enjoy crawling when it's time.

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