Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goddard Monkey Room

Sorry that I haven't updated recently, but I'm working on getting a whole bunch of posts up, so keep checking back regularly from now on! Here are a few pictures that Larkin's teachers, Ms. Halley and Ms. Carrie, etc. took with a disposable camera I gave them so they could take pics during the day at school. The pictures are grainy, but still worth it to get a glimpse of her during the day. She's in the Monkey room with her best friends and loving it, in case you can't tell. In this first picture, she's the one jumping up and down in the middle with the red shirt. In the third picture, she's hugging Carter.

Potty training is a big part of this class. The kids can't move up until they are potty trained. Larkin has just recently (in March) become potty-trained and we've really had very few accidents. Yay, Larkin, we're so proud of you (and for washing your hands afterwards)!

Is it me or do these kiddos look like they just were up to something sneaky?!

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