Monday, March 7, 2011

First Week of Tricycle Riding

We were shopping and found the perfect accessory for Larkin... a Hello Kitty bike helmet! It came attached to a piece of cardboard that also held a free bike bell. But that didn't deter Larkin from wearing the helmet + cardboard + bell on her head throughout the entire store. More than a few other customers chuckled pleasantly as they went by us. :) If only I had taken a picture, it would be priceless.

When we got home, we decided that that day was as good as any other day to try out the helmet and so we brought out the tricycle that she was too small for last year when we bought it for her. It's a pink Radio Flyer tricycle that allows for parental steering and pushing (lifesaver on our long walks!). Well, the trike and the helmet were huge hits! Larkin didn't even want to leave the tricycle in the garage when we were done that first day (yesterday). She sat on it in the garage for a few minutes before she decided she'd leave it there and come inside. This morning, Larkin said hello to her trike when she went to the garage to get in the car to go to school. Awww, so sweet. The helmet is nearly as popular, however, and it has been able to make its rounds... around the house, to school, in the car, etc.

Needless to say, the tricycle + helmet are currently two of her favorite things. Hope you like the pictures and video of Larkin riding her tricycle for only the second day... she's really gotten the hang of it!

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