Thursday, August 19, 2010

Larkin's First Baseball Game

We had a blast taking Larkin to her first baseball game! We had good seats - just a bit past first base - and the weather was hot but beautiful. We had so much fun! Larkin made friends with the folks around us and she loved watching the fireworks, airplanes that flew overhead, and the occasional foul ball that came our way. What she loved the most though was the popcorn! We didn't even know that she knew the word "popcorn" and she's never had it before, but when we passed the popcorn stand, she said "popcorn" and she really meant it! She was so happy to get some and ate kernel after kernel until we cut her off. We then topped off the evening with a fun ball game treat - ice cream sundae!

We went to see the Kansas City Royals play the Cleveland Indians (my old team). Neither team is really any good, but we had a lot of fun watching them nonetheless. There were some exciting plays and when we left (around inning 6), the Royals were up 3-0. But the Indians smacked down the Royals after we left, getting 5 runs in the 7th inning and 2 more in the 8th, to defeat the Royals 9-3. I'm glad we left when we did (although a part of me will always route for the Indians)! It was a great first game for Larkin and we loved being there together, the three of us.

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