Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zoo - Africa Exhibits

We decided to take full advantage of this unseasonably warm spring day and went for a great family day at the Kansas City Zoo. Grandma joined us which was wonderful. Last time we went, we visited the Australia Exhibits, so this time we decided to take the tram to see the African Exhibits. My favorites were the cheetahs and the silver-backed gorilla. Larkin's favorites were the tram ride, the gorilla and the adorable, tiny Meerkats. She was able to close to the Meerkats which she loved. One nice thing about the KC Zoo is that they try to allow the animals to be in as natural habitats as possible. Sometimes the animals are close by the viewing areas and sometimes not. Today they were actually fairly near, so we got a good view of the animals. It was a great day and we already look forward to going back.

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