Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny came for a visit! Larkin was so surprised (and happily so) that the Easter Bunny was there to help her hunt for Easter eggs. She even gave him a sweet kiss! While Larkin doesn't really get what Easter is all about, but she has gotten really good at finding eggs and eating the goldfish that we hid inside! She gets that part!

After happily giving Papa his head butt and Grandma her eskimo kiss, Larkin enjoyed the new doodle board that Grandma had. She especially loved the magnet shapes on it. It's always fun for Larkin to play with new toys and it's even better when she gets to do it with her Grandma!

Check out these other Easter bunnies! Papa and Sera look so cute together, don't they?! Sera was such a good sport, especially given that she had had her very painful dew claw surgery less than 48 hours before. Luckily for her, her pink bandages matched her pink ears perfectly!

Happy Easter from all of us! Or, as Larkin would say "Happy E-ber"!

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