Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jenny and Sierra Visit

I think this picture of Larkin and her cousin Sierra hugging is one of the cutest pictures! Aunt Jenny and cousin Sierra came to town to visit and we all had a blast. The girls did a pretty good job at sharing attention, sharing their toys and playing together. You can totally tell how much fun they had playing at Grandma's house... they even rode the purple "horse" together!

What do you think about Larkin's new dance move?! Ha!

We made the requisite visit to Bass Pro Shop to entertain (and wear out!) the kiddos. The girls had fun on the 4-wheelers and in the tents, and the entire family camped out on a pontoon boat for a good 15 minutes. Larkin even took it upon herself to try on a life-jacket!

Here's a sweet moment of me hugging Sierra (as we lounged on the pontoon boat).... Larkin doesn't sit still long enough for us to get a picture together like this!

One of Sierra's favorite activities was to try to on hats. Here's an adorable picture of the stylin' "pink ladies"!

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