Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in the Hamptons

We hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! We had a fantastic time celebrating with my family in Hampton's. I thought I'd start out the post with a fun video of Larkin finding an Easter egg and a cute close-up picture of her during meal-time. If you enlarge the photo of her, you can see just how blue Larkin's eyes really are (just like both of her grandmas)!

We flew into NYC...we took Larkin on her first flight - Midwest Airlines - and she did great (phew)! After meeting up with my family there for a couple of days, we headed out to the Hampton's. I was really sick with a sinus infection and it was good to have those days to lay low and recover. We did head out briefly though so Larkin could swing on a swing in Central Park. She (and the other 100 kids there) had a fun time! We also enjoyed a family Italian dinner at Sambuca's. Here are a couple of pics from our time in the city.

(Below, l-r): Greg, Luke, Dana, Gavin, Grandpa Bud

Check out the dress-up session the boys had! Gavin is sooo into superheroes, and even more so into the "bad guys". In this pic, Brian is "young Obi-Wan", Greg is "old Obi-Wan" (yes, those are adult-sized costumes!), and Gavin is Batman. So cute!

We all had a blast decorating eggs. Gavin did most of the hard work and he even took egg color requests! Larkin watched from a safe distance away. Nonetheless, we stripped the kids down to their skivvies!

Larkin loved getting to meet and play with her cousins, Gavin and Luke. She learned so much from them and really started showing more independence after this long weekend. It was fun to watch her watch them and want to do everything just like they did! Luke wasn't feeling very well much of the weekend, so Larkin spent a bit more time with Gavin. She was totally enamored with Gavin... as you can see from one of the pics below, she's practically trying to crawl onto his lap! Gavin (who's 5) loved Larkin too (hence the kiss). He was so gentle and caring with her. He even took a bath with her for fun! (I know that the pic of them in the bath will embarass them terribly in 15 years, but oh well, I think it's adorable)!

Here's Larkin, on Easter morning and during the weekend, getting a lot of love from her family... Grandpa Bud, Grandma Cook, Auntie Danawesome (aka Dana), and adorable cousins Luke and Gavin.

As the video above attests to, Larkin had a blast searching for eggs. She really didn't know what she was doing, of course, but she saw bright colors strewn about and she went for 'em! She couldn't eat the candy inside, but the eggs sure did make for a good rattle. :) And, doesn't she look so cute in her pretty Easter dress?!

Here are a few pics of Larkin playing.... the kids did a lot of this over the weekend. Luke was so generous and let Larkin "drive" his police car and Gavin took Larkin for a ride in his spaceship (the box in the second pic). Dana and Greg have a fantastic playroom in their newly-finished basement and it got a lot of use!

I'll wrap up the post with a few family shots... what a great weekend it was! Happy Easter to everyone!

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