Monday, December 3, 2007

Ultrasound - 11 wks 2 days

This week I got to have another ultrasound to check in on Little Hittle. Isn't s/he cute?! The appointment went great. Little Hittle is growing right on schedule... measuring exactly 50mm (or 2 inches) from crown to rump and sporting a solid heart rate of 156 bpm. I also got to hear the heart beat for the first time, which was really exciting. At first I thought some semi-trucks must be driving by the office because the sound was so loud... then I realized it was Little Hittle's heart beat coming in loud and clear and in stereo! We were also able to see both arms, both legs, some fingers, the face, etc. The baby wriggled around a bit during the ultrasound, pushing off my uterus with its feet. The doctor said Little Hittle's a feisty one!

As the ultrasound picture above shows, Little Hittle was also busy sucking its thumb. The thumb would go in, then come out, over and over. According to Brian's mom, Brian sucked his thumb a ton in utero. I have also been craving vanilla ice cream (with chocolate sauce). While I love ice cream, I really don't like vanilla ice cream much at all - but, Brian does. I think we've got a baby-sized Brian in there... our little tyke seems to be taking after him already!

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