Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Season in Full Bloom

This weekend has been a lot of fun. Having both been traveling for work, having the opportunity to spend some quality time together has been wonderful. We kicked it off with my work's holiday party (see picture above) which was great, like always. We surprised a few of my work friends with our baby news and one friend said that they knew - they could just tell from a look on my face after a meeting a week or two ago!

We then spent yesterday doing some Christmas shopping while it snowed and then later curled up by the fire and put up the Christmas tree while we listened to Christmas carols. We then ended the evening by seeing the movie I Am Legend at our local movie theater. I have been craving movie popcorn and enjoyed it to the fullest! The movie was intense and at times scary, but well done...we really enjoyed it. Today, we've been watching football and relaxing, and tonight we're finishing our great weekend with a party over at Brian's parents' house!

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