Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KC Zoo, Nikita

Meeting Nikita the polar bear is most certainly the highlight of the Kansas City Zoo. He puts on shows for his visitors. Check out these pictures that little 'ole me got! He's amazing! And the kids just loved him. I love the pic of him face to face with Larkin and Sierra.

A new addition to the KC Zoo is a ski lift over the Africa part of the park. Larkin and I had fun, Nama (who doesn't like heights)... not so much.

When we got off the chair lift, we ended up at the chimp exhibit and Larkin had some great face time with a friendly chimp that seemed to interact with her through the glass. She had fun there.

Here's a pic of Larkin watching some male lions sleep. These males look like females since they were castrated so young that they never grew a mane.

Other fun at the zoo... time with Nama and the carousel!

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