Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bunny Hop Hop

Larkin loves her binky. She really only gets to use it at bed/nap time, when she's teething, or if she's really upset. We're trying to get her to pick another favorite item, either a lovey blanket or a stuffed animal. Timely enough, Grandpa Bud gave Larkin a stuffed bunny that we aptly named "Bunny Hop Hop". Larkin loves it! She still loves her binky (as the picture shows), but now she wants her Bunny Hop Hop to cuddle with too... and it's too cute. This picture was me, binky, and Bunny Hop Hop all working hard to soothe an upset baby. It worked. Thanks, Grandpa Bud!

1 comment:

Nan M Gough said...

What a sweet pea! Don't worry too much about the binky Karen...they give it up when the time is right. Bunny Hop Hop looks like a perfect snuggle friend.