Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gaston's Family Trip

Brian, Larkin, Serafina, and I went to Gaston's again this summer for a few relaxing and fun days with Brian's family. We spent some time out on the boats and some quality time at the resort letting Sera run around.

Here are some pictures and videos of Larkin's first two times swimming in Bull Shoals Lake! She hated the life vest, but she had fun on the boat and enjoyed swimming. The first time she went in the lake, she tried to drink the entire lake! She kept tasting the water over and over. Luckily, Bull Shoals Lake is a clean lake and she didn't get an upset tummy from drinking it. The video is a compilation of Larkin's first time in the lake with her Daddy, and then the second time with her Grandma.

Here's a few pictures of Sera romping around Gaston's. We took daily walks around the resort and here she is posing with the very high White River as a beautiful backdrop.

These are pictures of Larkin's second time on her grandparents' boat, getting love from her Daddy, her Aunt Annie, her Grandma Hittle, and her Papa Hittle. In the picture with her Grandma, check out what Larkin is standing on... a water bottle! There is also a picture of Larkin swimming for the second time with her Daddy and an adorable video of them that you have to watch!

Here are pictures from another of Sera's Gaston romps. This one shows pictures from the airstrip, and the wildflower sanctuary. Isn't it so cute how she's smelling a flower?! The video included is a fun one that shows Sera playing with Sadie (Annie's dog) on the airstrip and then chasing after geese in the pond.

This last set of pictures and videos is of the family hanging out around the cabins. Larkin loved having a shower cap on her head (does this mean she's destined to become a swimmer like her Daddy?), and the whole family had a blast trying to play badminton, until the shuttlecocks broke!

Finally, while some of us played badminton, Larkin enjoyed the view high from up on her Papa's shoulders. What he didn't expect though was her to bite his head (check out the video)! Eeeek - Incident Report!!

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