Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grandpa Bud Visits

Grandpa Bud came to town this past week to visit his favorite granddaughter. You would have expected Larkin to have been excited to see him, but she wasn't. In fact, when Grandpa Bud first arrived, Larkin seemed a bit angry at him for having left her when she was only 2 weeks old... she actually refused to look at him for a day or so! Literally! You could turn her head in his direction, but she'd look the opposite way. Shall we say stubborn? She probably inherited that from him... but Grandpa Bud proved to be even more stubborn, and after a day or two of his attention, Larkin was smitten with him again.

Grandpa Bud is a master at giving babies baths, so Larky Lu was squeaky clean while he was here. After I'd wash her, he'd take her in his arms and let her float in the bath. We tried to get her to kick so she'd splash water, but she didn't quite get the concept. Above are a few pictures from one of our bath events.

It was nice that I was still off work this week so we had the freedom to enjoy the days together. We did a variety of activities from trading options (think puts and calls), checking out daycare providers (since we need a short-term option until her school spot is available), going to the doctor (since Larkin has a rash on her face), and shopping for Larkin (i.e., fun for me). But, the most fun outing of all for Grandpa Bud and Brian was to take Larkin on her first trip to the Apple store (see second to last picture above). With Brian's guidance since he bought one a few months ago, Grandpa Bud bought himself a new Mac book and the two of them were like kids in a candy store. Then, as you can probably imagine, they played on their computers all week! Now, I'm the only one still with a PC! But, I love my Sony Vaio for's actually fairly slick. So there.

The rest of the week consisted of watching A LOT of the Olympics from Beijing. Was that not the most amazing Opening Ceremony... with all of those synchronized routines with 2008 people?! We've been really impressed with the games this year. Way to go Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. And, I actually have seen some sports that I didn't know existed... like the trampoline... who'd a thunk? I have also gotten a kick out of Mary Carillo's daily reports - she is really funny! Larkin's favorite sports appeared to be volleyball and gymnastics. Yes, she actually would turn her head to the TV and watch it. She seemed to really like Bela Karolyi... he's a character! One night after we had watched some gymnastics, I'm not joking when I say that while I was changing Larkin, she stretched out one of her legs and pointed her toes! Who knew gymnasts began at the early age of 3 months!

The week went too fast, as it always does, and I tried to make Grandpa Bud feel really guilty about leaving us again. He promises to hurry back... he doesn't want to let too much time pass or Larkin might not look at him again for a couple of days!

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The Bucklers said...

I love the close-up of her ~ those beautiful blue eyes!! What a sweet picture.... On another note, are you going to our reunion?