Saturday, March 22, 2008

Belly of Fat - 27 weeks

We are 27 weeks today, so we have one more week until we are officially in the third trimester! Since my doctor doesn't want me traveling once I'm in my last trimester, we are enjoying our last big hoorah with my family in NYC and the Hampton's this Easter weekend.

I thought we were due for a new updated belly shot after a memorable event yesterday. I was playing with my 4-year-old nephew, Gavin, and he mumbled something about my "ball of fat." When I chuckled, he looked at me seriously and told me that if I exercised, I could get rid of that "ball of fat" that I was carrying!

So, that "ball of fat" (a.k.a. Little Hittle) is growing, kicking and doing great. My belly measures about 32" right now and I've probably gained about 15 lbs so far. My belly is sometimes lopsided because while Little Hittle's head is down in my pelvis, his/her butt often sticks out on the right side of my tummy. His/her little feet kick right around my belly button and lately there's been a bunch of kicking and pushing as Little Hittle has been making some additions to his/her house.

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The Bucklers said...

You look darling ~ of course!! :)